Dad in a Coma

 April 18, 2010

My friend’s dad was in a coma all this passed week.   She texted me throughout his stay in the hospital wanting to know if he would live, die or be a vegetable. Each day a different strategy to her questioning,  always wanting more information so she could make the decision.  I hated the pressure.   One morning she said that she was crumbling.  She wanted to know if he wanted  to be taken him off life support.  “Fuck!  I can’t be responsible for that,” I thought.  That was way too much pressure. She trusted me because she knew I found a missing person, her stolen jewelry and her friend’s porch furniture.  She has talked with many people who had readings from me, as well.

 But, I didn’t say anything to her.  I melted slowly into the flow.  “God wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t   handle,” I thought.  So, I texted back as honestly as possible, “He is loving life right now where he is.  He knows what is happening and appreciates the love.”  Texts start up again from M. “Why is he still alive after we pulled the life support?  Does he really want to live?  Please will you ask him?  Ask him if he knows I love him. “Every few hours, each day, this continued as the intensity increased, the anxiety, the fear, the emotions coming from her texts.  I talked with him again.  “He is actually with the angels already, I texted back.  “I want to see that too, how can I see him with the angels, “her texts frantically read.  I replied, “Ok, you have to take ten, long, slow, deep breaths with your eyes closed.  Imagine Arch Angel Michael in front of you with your father.  This may feel like you are making it up.  Just do it and see what happens.”  “Ok, thank you so much,” she replied.  Several hours later I listened to a voicemail from her.  With a half crying voice, she described what had happened.  She had experience a hand on her head and heat and light all around her.  She said that it was profound…

At 5:30 the next morning, I woke up with my heart beating really fast.  I thought that it was from the mamosas I had had the night before at a bonfire party down on the river.  I had a hard time getting back to sleep.  I wanted to text   M to tell her that her father had passed because I felt it. “But what if I was wrong, “I thought.  So I didn’t.  Several hours later, she texted me, “That was my father’s transition that I experienced last night wasn’t it? He passed at 5:30 this morning.”

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